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Amber Tour

The Baltic Amber, the so-called gold of the north, is one of the most interesting and most graceful raw materials so far discovered on Earth. The origin of amber formation dates to Tertiary, that is, about 45 million years ago. Within a few thousand years it became legendary and most popular amulet and decorative stone. Amber is a mineral of many colours depending on the age. Amber nuggets range from nearly white, through all shades of yellow and orange, to dark, almost cherry-like red. Differently shaped amulets were produced – animals, deities and hero figures for cult purposes. Today Amber is used in the cosmetic industry and folk medicine.

The earliest exhibits confirm that amber was known in Gdansk dating back to 8 – 4 thousand year b.c. The oldest evidence of amber workshops in Gdansk date back to the 10th century.

The variety of amber art offered than was unexpectedly high, including rings, pendants, pawns, dice, and amulets. In the middle ages, Gdansk was rich and widely known in Europe and also became a major center of amber craft. Local masters have developed their own amber processing school. Over the centuries the „Gold of the North” became an object of admiration and interest. Its beauty and easy processing resulted in the creation of many beautiful goods widely desired by common as well as rich and powerful people. Presently Gdansk is a place where 50% of world amber jewelry is being produced. Gdansk amber masters, on one hand, continue the style of their predecessor, on the other, reach for new modern ideas which result in jewelry that may satisfy everyone. That is why Gdansk is called „The Capital of Amber” and we would present it to you in all its beauty and glory during a 3-hour thematic tour.