The longest wooden pier on the Baltic

SOPOT, a part of the Tri-City (Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia) belongs to the most famous summer destinations in Poland. 

Sopot’s pier is the biggest and most popular tourist attraction of this favoured beach resort. Originally constructed in 1827  by Napoleon’s army doctor it has been rebuilt several times since, achieving its present length in 1928. The elegant wooden promenade that stretches into the sea for a distance of more than 500 metres (1640 ft) provides stunning views of the sea and the shore and remains the longest in the whole Baltic area.  The entrance to the pier is surrounded by a spa garden with a fountain and symmetric round pergolas of trees. Long sandy beaches stretch away on both sides of the pier. 

If you feel tired of tramping the streets of Gdansk, Sopot is an excellent place for a seaside walk.

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