Essential Gdansk Walking Tour

  • Enjoy a 3 hour informative guided walk through the city center
  • Discover the major highlights of Gdansk  (entrance to St Mary’s Basilica included)
  • Learn about the city’s history and famous residents 
  • Price : 45 €  per person  

Gdansk, or Danzig, as it was sometimes formerly called, is a fascinating city with over a thousand years of history. It was a major harbor of the Polish kingdom and an important city of the Hanseatic League for centuries. In more recent times known as a place where the first shots of World War II were fired in 939. Later in August 1980 the city’s Lenin Shipyard saw the birth of the Solidarity Trade Union, which made a first crack in the iron curtain and started the process of transformation across the entire region of Central and  Eastern Europe. Today Gdansk is a city full of charm that, commercially, still remains one of the most important cities in Poland. 

This 3 hour guided walking tour will introduce to you the fascinating and proud city. You will have the opportunity to learn about its history, monuments, famous citizens who once lived here.  During your walk through the city center you will find that Gdansk has managed to preserve its medieval appearance with many narrow, winding streets and gabled houses.

We start exploring the city near the Golden Gate, the grand ornamental arch that once allowed access through the medieval city’s defensive walls. Continue along Long Street, lined with marvelous Renaissance and Baroque facades and see the Town Hall and the Long Market with the splendid Neptune Fountain and the 15th century Merchant’s Palace of Artus Court.  Continue the walk to the waterfront canal where at the river’s edge stands the characteristic Gdansk Crane.  Enjoy a stroll along the atmospheric St Mary’s Street with its glorious open-air balconies of carved stone and numerous amber galleries  before visiting St Mary’s Church,  the pride of Gdansk  situated in the heart of the Old Town. 

Continue the walk to the famous Gdansk Shipyard  where the Solidarity Trade Union with Lech Walesa as its chairman was born.  See the historical entrance gate and take a pause by the Monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers  dedicated to the victims of workers’ protest against communism in 1970.   Last step, at the end of the tour, will be a visit to the impressive building of the European Solidarity Center where we admire the remarkable  panorama of Gdansk’s dockland from a  viewing terrace on the roof of the building. 

  • Entrance ticket to St. Mary’s Basilica of Gdansk, the largest red –brick Gothic church in the world, is included in the price of the tour.